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Medical Professional Specialist

Charles Derby has developed a specialist team of Financial Advisers who are dedicated to provide a full range of financial planning, tailored to Medical Professionals..

Our team has built up an in-depth knowledge of the NHS pension and understands the career paths of Hospital Doctors, GPs, Dentists and Locums.

 We understand that you have different financial needs at each stage and you can have complete confidence in our service.

NHS Pensions

Changes to pensions in recent years mean it’s even more important to review your retirement plans regularly. Whether you are pre, at or post retirement, we can discuss the wide number of choices open to you and help to maximise your income for the years ahead.

With our expert knowledge of the NHS pension scheme, we can give provide tailored advice to:

  • Work out your current benefits and forecast your potential benefits at points in the future that are important to you.
  • Help you understand the tax implications of Lifetime Allowance and if you are likely to breach it
  •  Investment Planning
  • Highlight potential issues you may have surrounding Annual Allowance, including the impact of Annual Allowance Taper and the implications of using the NHS ‘Scheme Pays’ arrangement.

Locum Insurance

Covering the locum costs has been an issue for Dentists and GP Practices for many years. For a Dentist, a Locum allows them to maintain patient care and thus underpin the turnover and profitability of their Practice. The changes to the GP contract in 2017 introduced improved conditions for Practices to meet Locum costs. From April 2018 this amounts to £1751.52 per week after the first 2 weeks of absence reducing to 50% after 6 months.

Whilst this has reduced the burden, it can still leave a financial headache for many, as you are responsible for covering any shortfall. The cost to cover locum can typically range between £250 and £350 per session, with some areas reporting significantly higher costs than this.

We have access to a panel of locum insurance providers to help meet costs that arise if you are off due to sickness. We take care of the administration to make the application process as smooth as possible for you.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

For further information please contact one of our specialists on:

Telephone 0800 849 1279


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