Making sure you’re insured when you move home

Making sure you’re insured when you move home

There’s a lot to think about when you’re moving home, not only do you have to get yourself (and your family and your pets) and your stuff from A to B in one piece, but you also have to let all relevant parties know that you’re moving (and exactly when) because even in the 21st century, many companies (and individuals) have a valid reason for wanting to know your physical address.  If you have insurance on your current property, then your insurance company/companies is/are going to want to know about the move and that could be a helpful signal to have a think about your insurance cover in general.

Mover’s insurance

If you’re hiring movers, then it’s a good idea to confirm that they have insurance which will cover everything you plan to entrust to them.  If you are planning on moving your belongs yourself, or perhaps moving part of them yourself, then you would be recommended to see where your current home cover stands on this and, if necessary, take out extra cover.

NB: If you hire or borrow a vehicle for your move, such as a van, then you will need to make sure you are insured to drive it.  Vehicle rental companies will generally insist upon insurance before you drive the vehicle off their premises, but if you are borrowing a vehicle informally then you will need to sort out your own insurance cover.  This is a really important step as it is illegal to drive a vehicle without appropriate insurance.

Home building’s insurance

Another important point to note is that you become legally responsible for insuring a house from the moment you exchange contracts on it, so this is when your home building’s insurance ought to start.  If you haven’t yet sold your own home, then you may need to run two policies simultaneously until you do, and you will probably have to inform the insurer of your current home that you intend to vacate it as this may have an impact on your policy.

Home contents insurance

Your home contents insurance needs to be applied to the building which is holding the contents of your home.  If you’re planning on moving everything, or at least everything of value, in one go, then you simply have to make sure that you inform your insurer of the date on which the policy should switch from your old house to your new one.  The combination of having to update your home contents insurance at a time when you’re going to be packing up your home anyway could be a great opportunity to review your home contents cover and see if it needs to be updated.  If you are planning on making a slower move from one house to another, for example, spreading it over several days or perhaps deliberately leaving some items at the old property, perhaps as staging to assist with a sale, then you will need to arrange relevant insurance for both properties.

Remember to update your pets’ microchip details

If you have pet insurance, it may be mandatory for your pets to be chipped and for the chip details to be kept up-to-date and even if you don’t you will presumably want to give yourself the best possible chance of recovering your pet if it goes missing, e.g. gets lost in a new location.  If you have a dog, you will also need to get a new tag with your new address details on it. Even if your dog is microchipped, it is still a legal requirement for them to wear a collar with a tag showing your name and address, also it will make it much easier for a neighbour to return them if they just happen to get out and wander off to explore their new location.

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