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Mandy Crispe works for a major airline on a check-in desk, where she has to deal with lovely people all of the time. Well, some of the time! As we can all imagine, Mandy’s job can be very stressful as some travellers are irate, in a hurry and downright rude. The last thing Mandy needs when she’s off work is hassle and stress….

The Initial Review

Mandy wanted to start a pension so she could look forward to retirement and ease the nagging in the back of her mind that had been growing for some time. From past contact with a Charles Derby Adviser, Mandy knew that pensions are one of our key areas of expertise and she took the plunge and requested a free, no obligation review.

Her Charles Derby Adviser carried out a thorough fact find to establish all the important details, such as any employer pension options, Mandy’s objectives, budget and attitude to risk, as well as providing answers to all her questions.

Research and Implementation

Once research had been carried out, Mandy’s Charles Derby Adviser came back to meet her at home for a follow-up meeting. This confirmed Mandy’s suspicions that her employer would not contribute to a pension on her behalf. And, with further explanation of the options for long term savings and taking into account Mandy’s good intentions (but natural tendencies to cash in on easily, and even not so easily (!) accessible savings plans) a Personal Pension was selected.


The Personal Pension selected for Mandy offers a wide choice of investments, competitive charges and a range of features to make the most of her contributions. With the time taken to explain all the details and select suitable funds to provide growth potential for the future, Mandy’s Charles Derby Adviser has put her nagging pension doubts to rest.

The whole process had been completed very easily with Mandy’s Charles Derby Adviser taking care of all the paperwork, so providing a completely hassle free pension – a welcome change from everyday work life!

With a plan in place, Mandy now feels more confident about her future and with the tax breaks in the fully approved Personal Pension, she may even be able to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with the 25% Tax Free Cash at retirement.